Do you offer translation services?

Yes. Ask any caregiver for help and we’ll get you the services you need.

What is your pricing?

To ensure high quality services, we provide transparent price information.
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Do you accept insurance?

Yes. We accept major insurances, including Medicare, Medicaid and MANG. We also work with a number of other organizations and health plans in addition to offering financial assistance programs.

Please check with your insurance carrier to verify participation with Sinai Chicago.

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Is Schwab accredited?

Yes. We’re accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities International for inpatient adult and pediatric rehabilitation.

The Joint Commission also accredited Schwab and awarded its Gold Seal of Approval™ to our Stroke Rehabilitation.

Do your caregivers have specialty training?

All members of the medical staff are board-certified, and most have subspecialty certification

  • Physicians
    • 19 physiatrists (rehabilitation medicine specialists) are on staff.
    • All members of the medical staff are board-certified, and most have subspecialty certification.
    • We have fellowship-trained physicians in brain injury, spinal cord injury and pain management as well as electromyography (EMG), a procedure that studies the health of nerve cells and muscles.
  • We have certified registered rehabilitation nurses (CRRN).
  • There are specially trained and certified therapists for each major diagnosis.
What are your outcomes?

We have an excellent track record of sending patients back to their communities. Overall, 74.6% return.

  • 77.3% Traumatic spinal cord injury
  • 84.9% Neurological conditions
  • 78.1% Traumatic brain injury
  • 91.4% Major multiple trauma (no BI or SCI)
What are your inpatient rehabilitation admission requirements?

To meet the criteria for inpatient admission, a patient must:

  • Need to be seen by a physician five days a week.
  • Have skilled-level nursing needs.
  • Tolerate and benefit from a minimum of three hours of therapy at least five days a week.
  • Require at least two therapy disciplines, one of which must be occupational or physical therapy. Schwab provides occupational, physical, recreational, and speech-language therapies.

We’re unable to accept patients who require ventilators, chest tubes, telemetry, plasmapheresis, chemotherapy or high-flow oxygen.

What should I expect during my inpatient stay?

Click the document below to learn more about our inpatient experience and what to bring with you.

What is your visitor policy?

Schwab Rehabilitation is a valued member of the Sinai Chicago system. Our visitor policy can be found here.

How do I refer patients to Schwab?

Contact Us

It’s your right to choose where you receive rehabilitation. We hope you Ask for Schwab. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is bilingual and available to help.

Inpatient Rehabilitation
For inpatient rehabilitation questions, please call 773.565.3050.

Outpatient Rehabilitation
To make an appointment, call 773.565.3900.

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Clinical Staff

Our world-class rehabilitation team members come together for our patients, for our community, and for each other. We commit to community-driven care – making sure everyone has the ability to live a healthy, vibrant life.


Our future starts with you. Through diversity in our patient population, residents, rotation sites, and dedicated teaching attendings, our PM&R Residency Program provides an outstanding residency experience — and an outstanding patient experience as well.

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To make an appointment or to refer a patient. please call 773.522.2010