Our Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program is led by doctors who are board certified in rehabilitation medicine with subspecialty certification in brain injury. The team focuses exclusively on treating people with brain injuries, most of them traumatic. Schwab is one of two organizations in Chicago with this level of specialization.

Why Schwab?

It’s your right to choose where you receive rehabilitation services. Why select Schwab? Because one size does not fit all. Every patient is different, and so is each recovery. But, there’s one common thread: The sooner you begin vigorous rehabilitation, the better your recovery will be. And, from the moment you arrive, we’re focused on helping you maximize your independence.

Your Team

The Brain Injury team works exclusively with patients who face these challenges. Because we treat more than 150 inpatients with brain injuries each year, our focus and level of experience is unmatched in the area.

Your team members meet weekly to review your progress. Who’s on your team?

  • Board-certified doctors who specialize in rehabilitation medicine and brain injuries
  • Nurses with rehabilitation training
  • Rehabilitation therapists (occupational, physical, speech, recreational)
  • Neuropsychologists and rehabilitation psychologists
  • Social workers
  • Registered dietitians

Preparing for Independence

Brain injuries can be scary, unpredictable and extraordinarily complex. Tasks that used to be easy may become difficult. Behavior may become unpredictable. While we can’t promise you will complete recovery during your inpatient stay, we pledge to do everything we can to help maximize your potential.

We have three customized inpatient therapy gyms, including one that has a low-stimulation environment. They provide safe and nurturing spaces where you can work with therapists and other clinicians. You’ll participate in three hours of combined therapy daily, at least five days a week.

Schwab has specialized rehabilitation equipment to support your recovery, including systems to help you stand and walk as well as assistive devices to help make tasks easier. There’s a therapy pool where you can work on improving your balance, flexibility and strength. You’ll practice kitchen skills and other everyday activities in our therapy apartment.

Maximizing your Potential

Our program is unique because it offers services and opportunities for your lifetime. Using a holistic approach, we concentrate on more than your physical healing. We also address your emotional and psychological needs. Our Peer Mentoring Program provides opportunities for you to talk with people who have also experienced a brain injury. The education we provide for your family and other caregivers helps you return home safely and confidently.

Beyond Inpatient Treatment

Schwab provides outpatient programs to help you continue your recovery. Your team will work with you to recommend therapy and services, so you can live as independently as possible.

Contact Us

Inpatient: 773.565.3050
Outpatient: 773.565.3900

Join Our Team

Clinical Staff

Our world-class rehabilitation team members come together for our patients, for our community, and for each other. We commit to community-driven care – making sure everyone has the ability to live a healthy, vibrant life.


Our future starts with you. Through diversity in our patient population, residents, rotation sites, and dedicated teaching attendings, our PM&R Residency Program provides an outstanding residency experience — and an outstanding patient experience as well.

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